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  • We are a small, motivated team of creative enthusiasts looking to find a better way of doing business and leave our mark on the world.
    Step by step, product by product, we are reframing the marketplace and the way people consume. By cutting down our advertising expenses, we're able to offer the tasty snacks our customers like at a lower price, delivering better value for money than ever before.
  • Many companies in the food industry are charging too much just so that they have enough money to pay for expensive advertising, get celebrity endorsements and build influencer campaigns.
    We don’t think that consumers should pay for the lavish advertising campaigns that brands use to sell their products, so we cut our marketing budget, and offer our products at a lower price than other snack brands.
  • Join the movement & indulge your taste buds with tasty snacks, at a lower price.

Our good friend DiMi made it - he loves our cause, enjoys our products and thinks we have a bright future ahead, so he agreed to jump in and do this and the rest of our designs for a small compensation.

There is something curious happening in Las Vegas. The students are on the streets, refusing to pay inflated prices for the products they consume, due to expensive campaigns, celebrity endorsements, and unnecessary high-end Ads expenses. By the minute, more and more people are joining the movement...

We'll be submitting our commercial to the next AAF Awards, but we're not sure how far we'll get... So, fingers crossed!

We wanted to keep our expenses low, so we had one of our super creative colleagues from the export department create these drawings for us. She had fun, and we managed to turn our vision into reality, on a budget.

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